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Expedition Wild Jon Friedman Wildlife Photographer

Jon Friedman is the owner of Expedition Wild™ and has been leading international wildlife photography trips since the late 1980's. He received a B.S. degree in Biology and Ecology (with an emphasis on Ornithology) from a small New England college and also created its photography department. He created Expedition Wild™ in 1995.

He has done ecology and population biology research at Harvard and Wesleyan Universities and has worked as a domestic and international Photojournalist and Photography Editor.

Jon Friedman, Wildlife Photographer

While serving as chief photojournalist, he ran an internship program for Boston-area photojournalists and has taught photography in a variety of school settings. He received sponsorship from Nikon, Kodak, and Fuji Film for his documentary war photography work in El Salvador.

"... Put simply, I have always had a passion for sharing these finds with my clients. To me this is the heart and soul of good guiding - a passion for sharing discoveries ..."

Jon Friedman, Owner
Expedition Wild™

As a Commercial and Freelance photographer, some of his clients included Audubon Magazine, The Associated Press, Bose Corporation, 3M, Bank of Boston, John Deere Corporation, Shreve Crump and Low, Harvard University, MIT, Boston College, and numerous national magazines, newspapers, publications and private collectors.

Jon has won awards for his documentary work from professional press organizations and has led numerous international birding and wildlife photography trips for various lodges, private clients, college groups, and, for The Audubon Society, in Alaska, Oregon, and the Amazon of Ecuador.


  • Botswana Photo SafarisJohn Martinson, Executive Vice President wrote:

    .... We are truly grateful to you for your skill, your attention to safety, and your good humor and confident spirit from beginning to end. Thank you again for providing more excitement in three days than I typically encounter over a considerably longer stretch of time. I hope we will meet again in the Nile Valley, Polar Regions, the Gobi Desert or some other equally challenging and exciting spot for adventure in the future..... The two boys will remember you and their time with you for the rest of their lives ...."

  • Costa Rica Nature PhotographySara Fredericks, Travel Agency Director wrote:

    ".... Jon did a great job finding us the wildlife we came to see then teaching us how to make good photographs out of the opportunity. The trip ran very smoothly and exceeded our high expectations. Thank you again for a wonderful time in the wilds of Africa! ...."

  • Mason Morfit, The Nature Conservancy wrote:

    ".... It was a great trip, largely because of your multiple skills as a naturalist, raconteur, bon vivant and boon companion. I hope we can do it again sometime. Please put me on the mailing list for your new brochure.... Again, THANKS. It was a distinct pleasure doing business with you...."

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